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Sevilla Latin Grammys 2023
23 Feb 2023

THE 2023 LATIN GRAMMYS WILL BE HOSTED IN SEVILLA,SPAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME.This year’s Latin Grammys will be hosted out of the United States for the first time in history. After years of discussion, it appears like the awards […]

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Security Services Dominican Republic
9 Feb 2023

We Provide Top Security and Protection Services in Spain and the caribean to CEOs, Diplomats, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and their families as well as celebrities are often more susceptible to threats.We provide Close Protection and VIP Security […]

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Mallorca The Best Place to Live in The World.
12 Jan 2020

Palma de Mallorca has been chosen as “the best place to live in the world” by the newspaper ‘The Times’ in London, which this Sunday publishes its list of the 50 favorite cities on the planet. Palma […]

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St.Tropez Concierge Services
4 Jan 2020

We Provide Top Concierge and Security Services In Saint-Tropez.We offer the best of exclusive private concierge services since its opening.The first step in delivering confidence requires understanding the emotional as well as the physical security needs of […]

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Security Services Mallorca
21 Dec 2019

We Provide Excellence VIP Services to our clients,confidentiality and security is a top priority.Our services are highly flexible and can be tailored to specific client requirements such as: breakdown of responsibilities,planning and assigning responsibilities, searching vehicles, transferring […]

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