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Colombia Bodyguard Services
2 Dec 2018

Executive Protection Colombia

We Provide Top Security and Bodyguard services in Colombia,Whether requiring security for business in Bogota and Medellin,VIP travel security to Cartagena or operational support in the rural areas we provide comprehensive security services throughout Colombia.Our team oversee and manage all operations and work closely with our local assets including a range of trusted,vetted and trained drivers,bodyguards, security consultants and static security teams.

Security in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most popular countries in South America for backpackers and travelers.In 2017 (the last year there were figures),it saw over three million visitors.In 2018 Cali had the highest homicide rate out of the capital cities in Colombia. In addition, Cali is ranked #31 on the list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world based on the homicide rate.Colombia only has two cities on the most dangerous cities in the world list based on the homicide rate Palmira and Cali.Bogotá has the highest rate of robberies of persons in Colombia in 2018 out of the 10 capital cities in the above chart. Bogotá has a major problem with robberies of persons.

Who We Are
Spain Concierge Services Operations is a Spanish security company who offers exclusive Close Protection services,at the highest level.If you are coming in a bussiness trip or just visiting Any cities of Colombia and want to enjoy additional personal safety & security and the peace of mind that comes with it,do not hesitate to contact us.We carries out numerous security operations throughout Colombia every year,including VIP protection and secure ground transportation for corporates,Vip travelers using our fleet of vehicles (armored and non-armored) and trusted trained security drivers.Our services are always overseen and project managed by our Security teams based in Bogota,Cartagena and Medellin.Our Services includes,Executive Protection,Security Drivers and Corporative Risk Management.

Our Services
With an international in depth knowledge of international practices and CP World business, our professional management and operators are certified and licensed by the most respected Academies like Diplomatic Security Services in US, Security Industry Authority in UK or Spanish National Special Forces.Over 20 years experience and proven track records recommend us as a trustful & reliable executive protection provider in urban field.

With discretion being paramount our specialist attributes include confidentiality, and any situation is managed with fine-tuned social skills. We are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection, and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.Our Close Protection Operatives stay on top of constantly changing threats and risks by assessing global and local situations.Skills are maintained through continual professional development.Feel Free to contact us anytimes 24/7 days at year.

“Because Top People Needs Top Protection”

Roberto Rico
Ops Manager

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