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31 Jan 2020

Barcelona Street Crime

Barcelona its a Beutiful Mediterranean Cosmopolitan city but most Barcelona residents,says it’s a source of shame.Friends come to visit, you tell them the dos and don’ts, and still they get robbed – the young, the elderly, in the street, on the metro, queuing to visit some sight.It’s a plague.Knives have been used in at least 100 crimes, including robbery, fights and homicide, although police say they have not confiscated more knives than usual.Why Barcelona is a street crime hotspot – and how to beat the thieves

In June, a South Korean woman who was part of a government advisory body died from head injuries after she fell during an attack by muggers. On Sunday, the Afghan ambassador to Spain, Humayoon Rasaw, was attacked in central Barcelona and his €17,000 watch stolen.Violent crimes were up 31% over the same period (with a rise of nearly 60% over the last three years),while robberies with force against businesses were up 66%.It’s time to admit the situation is out of control,” said Luis Sans,representing businesses through central Barcelona.

Who We Are

Spain Concierge Services Operations is a Spanish security company who offers exclusive Close Protection services,at the highest level.If you are coming to Barcelona in a bussiness trip or just visiting or any cities of Spain and want to enjoy additional personal safety & security and the peace of mind that comes with it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make that happen.

With an international in depth knowledge of international practices and CP World business, our professional management and operators are certified and licensed by the most respected Academies like Diplomatic Security Services in US, Security Industry Authority in UK or Spanish National Special Forces. Over 20 years experience and proven track records recommend us as a trustful & reliable executive protection provider in urban field. 

Our Services

Mitigating risk exposure through personal protection by specially trained security officers.If a person is threatened or there is more permanent risk exposure, we can offer personal protection through our specially trained security officers. These officers maintain a low profile and a high level of discretion and ensure that the individuals in question can continue their day-to-day lives with as few restrictions as possible. This work is always carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other authorities.

Executives may need protection from a wide variety of nuanced threats, including workplace violence issues relating to security assisted layoffs, terminations, or disgruntled employees. Corporate leadership may need to travel to dangerous or unstable environments. No matter the situation, we have the solutions and experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Boards of Directors, and other corporate leaders. We help you create security strategies and detailed plans that deter and reduce threats.

Executive Security Drivers

We are a trusted resource for providing executive security drivers and reliable protection for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians, and entertainment giants. Our protective agents and drivers are thoroughly trained to transport VIPs safely to and from their destinations, nearly anywhere in the world.

With discretion being paramount our specialist attributes include confidentiality, and any situation is managed with fine-tuned social skills.We are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.Our Close Protection Operatives stay on top of constantly changing threats and risks by assessing global and local situations.Feel Free to contact us anytime.

Because Top People needs Top Protection

Roberto Rico
Ops Manager

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