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Interview to Mr. Roberto Rico Operations Manager | Spain Concierge Services Interview to Mr. Roberto Rico Operations Manager | Spain Concierge Services
Interview to Mr. Roberto Rico Operations Manager
13 Jan 2016

Hi there,today we interview in our blog of Spain Concierge Services
to Mr. Roberto Rico Operations Manager from Spain Security Services
and Alameda Group.

-A Greeting, gladly.

Mr Rico,What is your mission in your company and what kind of services do you offer to your clients?

-My mission is a link between my workers and clientes.I try to customize everything between us and customers
so nothing scape to chance but professionalism.

The type of service we provide is varied from close protection services in Spain to Everywhere in the Globe.
Bodyguards in Spain to, security drivers,detectives,Real State, Logistics ….Everything what client desire needs.
What is the difference between Alameda Group and Spain Security Services?

-The differences are minimal as both belong to the same group of owners but I would say that the first Alameda provides services outside Spain in places like Morocco, Miami, London and St Tropez and is also facing more for international work of all kinds, Spain Security Services provides more Bodyguards services to our customers in Spain that cakes for holiday trip or bussiness meetings. Alameda besides bodyguards in Spain or elsewhere in Europe offers Corporate Logistics at our customerss
as premium cars, security drivers, Phisical security, corporate research, risk managament Worldwide in hostile places and Lifestyle management.

I understand, what usually ask a customer and what type of client requires your services?

-We have all types of clients as well as corporate companies,Royal Houses,International Politicians,Personal clients…

-They can order all kind of services as they wish like Premium cars in Madrid, Armed Bodyguards in Spain, Security Drivers in MallorcaVillas rental in Ibiza, Cheefs rental in Barcelona, Residential security in Marbella, Close Protection officers in Spain, Rent Yachts in St Tropez…Etc… In General Bodyguards in Spain Europe in our more demand product because we are the Best.

It sounds like you believe in your security firm like no one…

-Its because We are more than just a security proactive Firm,we are a lifestyle Firm,We offer all caine of Logistical services that Client wish.And Please do not ask me what Client wish…

I wont,I see it must be a professional secret,thanks a lot for your time Mr Rico it was nice.

-Thanks to you,my honor.

Roberto Rico
Ops Manager

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