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Interview with a Security Leader, Alameda Group International | Spain Concierge Services Interview with a Security Leader, Alameda Group International | Spain Concierge Services
Interview with a Security Leader, Alameda Group International
22 Dec 2014

Hi and nice to see you,Whats alameda Group and whats his situation now?
Alameda Group International is the security partner of choice for most of the global Fortune 500 as they seek to succeed in hostile and complex environments. Our operational security services help clients mitigate existing and potential threats cost-effectively. We offer a broad range of in-sourcing and out-sourcing solutions.Securing your business from operational risks is a first priority for any management team. Losses of life, intellectual property, physical assets and reputation can have a devastating impact on a business.

Whats diferentes between Alameda and others Security providers?
Alameda group is exceptionally well equipped to help its clients identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risk. Additionally, should an incident occur, Alameda Group is recognised as the leading provider of crisis response services.Our corporate risk management expertise helps clients protect their people, property, information, reputation and share value. Using industry leading techniques and drawing on our extensive experience across Alameda Group, we combine tailored risk assessment with security planning and management.

Are Alameda a worldwide security consultants company?
Alameda Group consulting solutions are delivered to an international best practice standard. Our expert consultants have experience in every sector and on every continent. Their backgrounds include the military, law enforcement, business consultancy, security services and intelligence. They work with our in-house political risk consultants, investigators and a vast network of partners on the ground. From C-suite level consulting to the provision of armed protection teams in hostile environments, the breadth and depth of our global solutions is unparalleled.

What caine of personnel and background its inside the group?
Our experienced professionals provide security and peace of mind for those traveling in hostile, unfamiliar environments. As a global leader in providing specialist security services, we help keep our clients’ most valuable assets safe and secure. Alameda Group provides 24-hour coverage all over the world.

Thanks a lot for your time.
Alameda Security Group

Roberto Rico

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