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Menorca The Peace of Mind Island. | Spain Concierge Services Menorca The Peace of Mind Island. | Spain Concierge Services
Menorca The Peace of Mind Island.
15 Jan 2020

Historians say that you cannot become acquainted with the past of Menorca without stopping at the magic of its ports. Natural ports such as that of Mahón or created by the hand of man, are able to keep the essence of the Menorca of past times and become the main features of panoramas of extreme beauty.

Five kilometres in length shape this port, which has witnessed the civilizations and people that placed their focus on Menorca. Romans, Byzantines, Vandals, Muslims and Britons who – in their passage through the port – left something of their imprint in the streets of Mahón.

Tranquillity and a slight sea breeze constitute the flagship of the Port of Mahón, the largest natural port in the Mediterranean and the second largest in Europe. Given its unique characteristics in the world, visiting this harbour in Menorca is almost like walking through the purest history of Menorca … That which began to come into being with the Carthaginians of the mythical Hannibal and was the object of desire of the British troops that occupied the island centuries later.

If you go to Menorca there is a place that you cannot miss in your visit to the island, the port of the Menorcan capital, the port of Mahón. You can take a walk through its streets and contemplate the many yachts that moor there And after a walk through the harbor, we will for sure start feeling a little hungry, without moving from here we can find a lot of Amazing restaurants.Feel Free to Contact Us anytime if You need any Services in Menorca.

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