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Spain Bodyguard Services | Spain Concierge Services Spain Bodyguard Services | Spain Concierge Services
Spain Bodyguard Services
9 Sep 2019

Spain is passion, culture, nature… Spanish people are very wellcoming and make you feel at home. We offer save destination with an excellent Security infrastructure and Logistics for your peace of Mind.The Spanish inland is a whole world waiting to be discovered: Roman remains, impressive cathedrals, Moorish heritage, fabulously rich natural environment and of course the hearty and delicious gastronomy.Besides its tremendous diversity, Spain also has everything that the active and adventurous tourist loves: quiet roads for cycling, gorgeous paths for those who prefer walking, great weather and changing landscapes.

Crime statistics for Spain are published annually by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística.Statistics show Spain is one of the European countries with the lowest crime rate, according to a 2005 Gallop Europe research study. The rate of misdemeanours and crimes in Spain was 46 per 1,000 people in 2009.In our opinion Barcelona is a very safe city for tourists to visit. Barcelona has very little violent crime during the day or the night.Barcelona does have problems with pickpockets during the day, so be aware.Madrid is a safe city. With a rating of 85% Spain, is ranked 17th out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.Madrid is a bit more dangerous because of the high number of tourists being targets for pickpocket .

We Provide Bodyguard Services in Spain, With discretion being paramount our specialist attributes include confidentiality, and any situation is managed with fine-tuned social skills. We are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection, and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.Our Close Protection Operatives stay on top of constantly changing threats and risks by assessing global and local situations. Skills are maintained through continual professional development.we Offer a Professional team and Security local Drivers in All Spain.We provide all brand new Cars Models like Mercedes V And S Class and SUV like Range Rover.Our Agents are all formed by National Police and we have International security Experiencie.Feel Free to Contact us Anytime.

“Because Top People needs Top Protection”

Roberto Rico
Operations Director.

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