Protection Services Spain
30 Oct 2019

We Provide Personal Protection Services in Spain.If a person is threatened or there is more permanent risk exposure,we can offer personal protection through our specially trained security officers.These officers maintain a low profile and a high level of discretion and ensure that the individuals in question can continue their day-to-day lives with as few restrictions as possible. 

This work is always carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other authorities.There are persons who are exposed to specific threats because of their political, economic or social role. A risk-adapted protection is necessary, so that you and the persons around you can move undisturbed and therefore mitigating risk exposure through personal protection by specially trained security officers.

Our Protective Surveillance Team can provide protection to you and your family without alerting anyone to our presence.This specialist covert provision of security is ideal for the protection of specific family members that might be reluctant to accept a security presence or for sensitive business meetings where the presence of security might be detrimental to image.

When you are in the public eye or have a high net worth there are always additional risks associated with your personal security.Unfortunately, these risks can also extend to your family, which is why we offer a complete protection service for you and the people you care about.Highly experienced, well-presented and discreet,we are the security company of choice for a number of prominent figures.Whether you are located in Spainor the surrounding area and need protection or are visiting and require a team for the duration of your stay, we are able to meet your special requirements.Feel Free to contact us anytime.

“Because Top People Needs Top Protection”

Roberto Rico.
Ops Manager

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