Villa Security Services in Mallorca
19 Apr 2020

We Provide Security and Top Protection Services to CEOs,Diplomats, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and their families as well as celebrities are often more susceptible to threats.The Protection of your home is a frontline defence and deterrent as either part of our security services, or as a stand-alone residential security service. No-one should feel at risk or vulnerable in their own home; but sadly, wealth or fame attracts a certain level of threat.Having an opulent property is a sign of prosperity and with this, comes the risk of being the target of roberies.on the other hand, are confronted to other dangers in their home, if their address suddenly appears in the public domain, with the likelihood of celebrity stalkers or paparazzi turning up on their doorstep. Thus, intruders are not only a concern for your valuables, but to you and your family’s safety and privacy.

Global Security And Protection Specialists

Over the years, we have worked with a number of clients around the world on providing either emergency security cover, on a short or long-term basis to provide them with a home security solution that suited their needs. Our clients range from Football and sport stars, through to corporate clients, Royalty and Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients.We provide a sound protection solution that can also combine our Residential Security personnel with Patrol Dogs to enhance the overall level of security provided.The omnipresence of a residential security team can be required to put your mind at rest. We can supply a 24-hour residential security service with members of the security team working in rotations, having a separate day and night team in place.

Global Residential Security & Armed Residential Security

Ideally, prior to any deployment of residential security, we would carry out a full Security Audit and Risk Assessment. However, should circumstances dictate rapid deployment, a Primary Review and Risk Assessment would be carried out and acted upon; this would then be followed by a more in-depth report.Our home security solutions will mitigate threats, limiting the chance for theft or the possibility that occupants could be harmed.Deployment of our teams as static, mobile or rapid reaction to any location worldwide, can be arranged at short notice.We provide armed residential security teams are an option, where legally possible. Our Management Team are on hand to discuss any requirements that you may have regarding this.providing bilingual operatives and office support in both Spanish and English.

Residential Security Officers

We go beyond a simple property manned guarding service. Our residential security officers are not just standard security guards, they have all previously received military or police training and are certified close protection officers, all licensed with the Tip.They provide the highest level of professionalism, discretion and attention to detail, offering a non-intrusive security service and fitting in with the rest of your household staff, without affecting the life of your family.With discretion being paramount our specialist attributes include confidentiality, and any situation is managed with fine-tuned social skills.We are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.Feel Free to Contact us anytime.

Because Top People needs Top Protection“

Roberto Rico
Ops Manager

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