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rn, eht, m, y2, r, ilb, l, e, hc, c0, fj, 8br, mro, fe6, e, m, q, g88, 1, 3wj, Spain Luxury Services | Spain Concierge Services | Spain Concierge Services Spain Luxury Services – Spain Concierge Services
Spain Luxury Services
22 Dec 2014

We Provide Top Concierge and Security Services In sunny Spain.We offer the best of exclusive private concierge services since we open.Mallorva and Madrid  was chosen for the company head officeS due their unique locationS and high quality services it offers. Every year many people from all over the world comes to Spain to assist to most important international and luxury events.The first step in delivering confidence requires understanding the emotional as well as the physical security needs of your clients.We spend extensive time with our clients to understand the environment and surroundings in which they live and work and the level of protection they require.Wenknow and understand that delivering confidence starts with our Clients.

Spain Concierge Services is delighted to announce the agreement of a new partnership between the leading private aviation Vista Jet booking platform and CharterWorld Luxury Yacht Charters.March 2016 marks the beginning of an extremely exciting relationship that will see us working together to provide the height of luxury in the air and at sea.CharterWorld is a luxury yacht charter specialist with worldwide offices and worldwide reach that was established to enhance services,value and professionalism in the yacht charter industry.Much like Vista Jet market neutrality and access to a global network of over 4,800 aircraft,CharterWorld recommends objectively and without bias the best yachts in the world from every supplier, owner and manager.CharterWorld and LunaJets’ shared values, modern approach and constant endeavour to provide great prices and unparalleled client service make us a perfect fit for a partnership that we are certain is going to prove invaluable over the months and years to come.We provide Security Services in Spain and professional  bodyguard Services in Ibiza,Madrid,Barcelona,Mallorca and Marbella.

The first step in delivering confidence requires understanding the emotional as well as the physical security needs of your clients.We spend extensive time with our clients to understand the environment and surroundings in which they live and work and the level of protection they require.Wenknow and understand that delivering confidence starts with Our Clients.We tailor our activities to our customer’s needs & requirements.Confidence comes from the belief that everything possible has been done to ensure a particular outcome.In our business that means constantly pushing the envelope to employ,develop and train the greatest team on the ground that produces the safest,most reliable and best performance possible.Our Team is able to rapidly and efficiently evaluate any situation that may arise and are always at the cutting edge of solutions that provide better mobile protection

Spain Concierge Services Operations is a Spanish security company who offers exclusive Close Protection services, at the highest level. If you are coming in a bussiness trip or just visiting Any cities of Spain and want to enjoy additional personal safety & security and the peace of mind that comes with it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make that happen.With discretion being paramount our specialist attributes include confidentiality, and any situation is managed with fine-tuned social skills. We are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection, and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.Our Close Protection Operatives stay on top of constantly changing threats and risks by assessing global and local situations. Skills are maintained through continual professional development.Feel free to contact us anytime.

“The Best is yet to come”

Roberto Rico
Operations Director.

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